un-vention-al: the book

How One Man Reinvents the Patent Process So YOU Can Save The Planet

The inventions on this website are FREE to the public. I began the site after years of asking myself what I could do to improve life in our Galaxy, and on Earth. The incredible inventions you will find here can be taken, free of charge, and collaborated on with the rest of the world. My family has been improving people's lives for generations and this project is simply another gift from us. A sustainable future is within our grasp! –– "un-vention-al" (the book) will be arriving soon!

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The Cover


Table of Contents

Foreword by Al Jaffee

The legendary Al Jaffee – award-winning cartoonist, satirist, MAD magazine Fold-In creator– has written a foreword for my book “un-vention-al” (formerly reduce.reuse.reinvent.) This is the only foreword Al has ever written. I’m honored beyond words.


Excerpts from CHAPTER 1 – An Introduction to My Family

Excerpts from CHAPTER 2 – An Introduction to Myself


Excerpts from CHAPTERS 3-9 – Inventions Giveaway

Burger Sheath – Free Invention #1

Sneeze Cone – Free Invention #13

Energy Trap – Free Invention #30

Digit Hammock – Free Invention #34